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HTT is creating a meeting place for ideas where conference organisers can come to find inspiration and also advise on their experiences. If you have any interactive ideas that you would like included, they will be credited to you and your company with a link to your website. We have considerable programming experience here at HTT, so if you have an idea that needs a bit of software writing to make it happen that you think will appeal, then we will try to oblige at no charge. We hope you find something that may be of interest.


We feel it’s our duty to liven up the Financial Director’s speech so how about this for an idea. A question like “What was our turnover for the last financial year?” is displayed on a screen. The conference delegates are then asked to type in a number on their keypads (anything up to 9,999,999,999) during a countdown. When the countdown ends the correct answer, the nearest press and the number of the winning keypad are all displayed on the screen. The Financial Director then asks the delegates to turn over their keypads to check the number and, if they are the winner, come and get their prize! Download this PowerPoint presentation to see how it looks. (You could even use it to guess someone’s room number!)

Click here to download an example in PowerPoint


You can always have a quiz, using keypads like you would for Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  

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